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" Many of our clients pay for their campaign with just ONE additional order from their client. The Return on Investment is outstanding"
                    - Dennis Valo VP of National Accounts
80% of Social Media users do so on a mobile device.
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We are an innovative marketing agency that helps businesses promote their messages through online multimedia presentations and social media promotional campaigns. OTV has developed a passive, but powerful, branding medium. Already, thousands of companies rely on multimedia as an important part of their sales strategy.
OTV Online Media is a digital marketing company that developes and produces online educational communication presentations and promotional concepts.

We work with current web 2.0 platforms, video and multimedia that spark viral growth and support digital channels such as web and video search, social networks, and email marketing. 


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Take the challenge:
Is your web site.....
1) Look at your web site on a Smart Phone. 

2) If you can't navigate all the buttons and pages with your thumb, you could be sending your prospects and clients to your competition!

3) It's that simple!

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[Includes first 10 pages]