• Engagement Builds Knowing
  • Knowing Builds Trust
  • Trust Builds Confidence
  • Confidence Builds Buying Decisions
" Many of our clients pay for their campaign with just ONE additional order from their client. The Return on Investment is outstanding"
                                               - Dennis Valo VP of National Accounts
It used to be, having a single"website" was all you needed to market yourself successfully online. Unfortunately, those days are over. The Internet has evolved into a dynamic "real time" daily interaction with brands and consumers. 

Has your brand evolved with it? Is your brand engaged? Are you hoping Social Media is a fad and will "Go Away"?
Sorry to say, If you're not embracing social media I can assure you that many of your competitors are. 

Thats why we're here- We help professionals and brands embrace this new medium and growing trend with limited investment in time, frustration and money. 

We take the sting out of the time consuming learning curve. and get you up and running with a cohesive social web presence and solution that is easy to use and helps grow your business like never before.

If you have not done so, I invite you to watch the above video. It will change the way you think about your business's future online and social media forever."
                                                       -   Mike Jackman
                                                          CEO OTV Online
Direct Line: 267.799.4566
Our Blog
Our Blog
  • Social Media Set Up - We can help set up your brand for maximum exposure within top social media sites. We'll use professional background graphics and make sure keywords and tags are in place to optimize for search engine optimization. We can make posting to all your Social Media channels (all at once) as easy as sending a simple email. How easy can it get? :)
  • Social Media Consulting - Social Media is a new and moving target. Every month there are new methods, rules and added ways of turbocharging this new platform of communication. We are constantly in a learning mode and will distill only the critical methods to grow your business, saving you countless hours of effort and time.
  • Grow your brand via Social Media channels - Consider us your personal Social Media Liaison. We assign agents to seek out prospects within your keyword demographic and category, and actively seek connection to these new contacts, every month, to grow your brand exponentially. Maximum exposure equals maximum business opportunity.
  • Social Media Integration - We can bring all your social media channels into one, easy to use social media player that can be embedded onto your website or blog. Now your web site can be updated 24 /7 with relevant information that drives business. [See our player top right of this page as a sample]
  • Social Monitoring of your brand - Social media is live 24/7. Your busy running your business. You can't dwell and spend large amounts of time on social networks. But we can. We live on the network and trouble shoot anything that would need your immediate attention. We're like a watchdog for your brand and can even provide customer support to your clients if needed.
  • Tracking Conversations- People are talking about your brand on the social web and each mention is an opportune time to engage. To start, We monitor public sentiment and brand engagement by setting up relevant searches and tracking brand names and product terms (including common misspellings). See an interesting mention? We'll dive into the conversation to give instant support, advocacy or thanks.
  • Tracking Market Intelligence - Along with tracking your brand mentions, We create realtime searches for industry or campaign keywords and chime in on the discussion to share expertise, create brand affinity and build awareness. Quickly amplify the best messages by retweeting from the same column, and/or save in favorites for future use, discussion and reporting. We can track your competitors key words as well and engage in their client base.
  • Automated Campaign Promotion - Effective campaigns deliver messages at the optimum time and place. We help your messages find the intended demo/geographic audience -- whether they are business professionals in the NYC or teenagers in Nevada -- by choosing the time they are most likely to be online and then strategically pre-scheduling the message. Set it, and forget it.
  • LIVE Website Q&A - Good Social media for business will usually lead to your website or a product page. We can supply live Q&A chat for your product or service to make sure any prospect of yours is fully engaged with any support they need. [Try sample bottom right corner]
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We are an innovative marketing agency that helps businesses promote their messages through online multimedia presentations and social media promotional campaigns. OTV has developed a passive, but powerful, branding medium. Already, thousands of companies rely on multimedia as an important part of their sales strategy.
OTV Online Media is a digital marketing company that developes and produces online educational communication presentations and promotional concepts.

We work with current web 2.0 platforms, video and multimedia that spark viral growth and support digital channels such as web and video search, social networks, and email marketing. 


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